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GEORGE BRUNO & Chris Kirby's Edmund's Wall

A very different and challenging musical proposal was presented to George by Australia's most eminent ventriloquist, Chris Kirby.  One of the few Aussie entertainers who made it in the USA, having appeared on the Ed Sullivan show and on Vegas dates. Chris was also a talented writer who wrote scripts for a number of Australian TV shows and other movies.


Chris Kirby put to George an idea based on a monologue Chris wrote surrounding facts on the history of what is now recognized as "Edmund's Wall". The wall which was built by convicts is located on the Great North Road in the Hunter Region of NSW.

The story is narrated by Chris Kirby with a punchy delivery  accentuated and counterpointed by the interactive music written by George Bruno. Through this work the ongoing saga of Australia's struggle towards becoming one great multi-cultural nation has been immortalized in Edmund's Wall a Convict's Tale.

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